The EITI Process in Ecuador

Ecuador was accepted as a member of EITI on 15 October 2020

Multi Stake-Holder Group (MSG)

EITI Ecuador works through a Multi-stakeholder Group (GMP), made up of representatives of the Civil Society, the Government, and companies in the extractive sector

This group oversees the publication of official data, identifies governance risks and stimulates debates and reforms to make the management of oil, gas and mineral resources transparent


The Technical Secretariat of EITI Ecuador oversees executing the decisions of the GMP and aligning them with the requirements of the EITI standard


Extractive Industries

In Ecuador, exploration and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals are carried out:

Oil and Gas




Daily Commodity Prices


Bid: Market demand - highest price the buyer is willing to pay

Ask: Market offer - lowest price the seller is willing to sell

Open: Daily opening value

High: Highest value reached on the day

Low: Lowest value reached in the day


Social Media

Information posted on the official accounts of EITI Industries, EITI CSO and Ministry of Energy and Non Renewable Resources